Which features should I use?

Got a problem but not sure which feature(s) can help you? This page is created to point you in the right direction.

Below is a table on which feature(s) to go for with the target on left. You are still recommended to finish set up one and two before trying out any of them.



Forms with a shared format

Form with master image

Forms of the same type but different format

Form without master image

Extract key information such as Total Amount, Date, Time, Address, Name

Auto Extraction Items

Extract data from an area with some post-processing

(master form required)

Post-Processing Scripts

Locate a specific text block based on a known string value

Key Value Pattern

Check if a specific text block exists on uploaded documents

Text Token

Check if a logo/icon exists on uploaded documents

Image Token

If some information you are seeking isn't covered by our Auto Extraction Items or you have some other problems to solve, we do provide customization services!