Official Forms or Certificates

These documents are typically issued by government agencies, such as bank statements and all kinds of licenses. They almost always have a fixed format, making extraction with a master form effortless.

How does FormX fit in?

Forms and certificates from official bodies are likely to come with a well-defined structure. By dropping some Anchors and pulling a few Detection Regions, FormX will learn about the format and consequently be able to extract the information.
If there's a need to extract information from a collection of documents sharing the same format, go for FormX's Master Form mode.

Use cases and success stories

Documents issued by government agencies

FormX played an integral part in the online application system of a financial support campaign in Hong Kong (HK) called Instant Relief Fund. Through this campaign, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can apply for funds to aid them survive through recent economy slumps.
We worked with Google Cloud to provide data extraction models on documents issued by the HK government including Business Registration, Food License, Travel Agents Licence and Hawker Licence. Applicants can take photos of their license(s) and upload them, after which FormX automatically obtains the target data off the images.

Vehicle licenses

FormX helped a local parking corporation to extract data off vehicle licenses in parking lots. After a quick set-up by FormX's team, the inspector can simply walk up to a car and scan for information from vehicle licenses sticked on the windshield.

Appointment slips

Integrated into an appointment management app, FormX extracted information from appointment slips such as healthcare-related documents issued by public hospitals in Hong Kong. Schedules can be added simply by scanning the slips.

Try them out!

A majority of these mentioned documents are available on FormX's portal as templates. No set-up is needed, and you can just upload an image to try a template out.